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In June 2007, Artron initiated the campaign of helping remote areas build libraries themed “Passing Hope, ‘Reading’ out Dreams”.


In October 2007, Chairman Wan Jie was elected to the Constitution Committee of Society Entrepreneur Ecology (SEE).


In May 2008, Artron donated more than 1.25 million yuan to Sichuan’s quake-hit areas.


In April 2010, Artron took the lead in donating 200,000 yuan to quake-hit Yushu. Chairman Wan Jie personally donated 5,000 yuan via China Democratic League to express his support to and sympathy with victims.


In March 2010, Artron Art Forum launched “Dew Action” in aid of the quake-hit area, collectors, artists, netizens and moderators responded by devoting love to quake-afflicted compatriots in forms such as personal donation, team donation and charity auctions and sale.


In July 2011, the Conference on “Collector Charity Rankings” of Artron.net was held, initiating the program of “Collector Charity Rankings”.


In October 2011, the 1st member conference of the 4th Society Entrepreneur Ecology (SEE) was held in Alxa, at which Chairman Wan Jie was elected to the council of SEE.


In October 2011, Chairman Wan Jie won the 2011 Hurun Award for Industrial Contribution.


In December 2011, Artron was listed among five-star corporate citizens, and the program of Chinese artwork database among outstanding programs of Chinese corporate citizens.


In January 2012, the 1st meeting of the 4th Society Entrepreneur Ecology (SEE) and the 1st meeting of the second council of SEE Foundation were held at Vantone Center in Beijing. Chairman Wan Jie attended the meetings as a council member and was appointed as chairman of the international cooperation committee upon resolution.

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