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Resource Development and Supporting Services

     Artron boasts a huge outside support system as well as strong capabilities of output development. It can provide customers with high-caliber printing service as well as services like printing fittings for special materials, unconventional business processing and nonprinting part purchase, and meet customers’ individualized needs beyond general printing, to put “one stop solution” close services through all procedures.
Use of Special Materials
     Besides high-precision printing on various types of paper, Artron can provide customers with printing fittings for materials like wood, stone, silk fabric, flannel, metal, acryl and PVC.
Unconventional Business Processing
     Besides conventional printing, post-press processing and binding, Artron can provide solutions and full-course services according to customers’ needs for ultra-large printing; and meet customers’ special needs by providing special UV, gliding, polishing, flocking, marking, embossing, carving, embroidering, paper support, anti-fake label and other specific processing services.
Single Fitting Purchase
     Equipping prints with other auxiliary fittings to enrich print functions and enhance print functionality and interest is a development trend of prints. To adapt to the trend and meet customers’ needs, Artron provides the service of purchasing various fittings to meet customers’ diversified needs, such as electronic sounders.

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