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Large-format Book

To adapt to market development and meet customer demands, Artron conducted elaborate research and developed a full set of processes for printing and binding super-large books, thus becoming China’s first printing enterprise that can produce large-format books.


Early Planning

Artron conducts project management and production in accordance with international standards. A project group consists of marketing, design, process and production personnel. On the basis of fully understanding customers’ needs, the members determine service flows, work out process specifications and provide project schedules to ensure projects are completed as scheduled.


Technical Innovation

Artron uses its exclusive color management standard and tests the Lab value of every color block during proofing to form a mechanism of full-automatic testing and control, uses the method of CIP in plate making and printing to automatically store technical data of all procedures, thus accomplishing prepress and printing digitalization, and imitates the standardized operation of electronic streamlines to accomplish streamlined operation of printing.


Special Process and Materials

Due to special size, Large-format books differ from conventional books in production process. After intensive R & D and testing, Artron has formed a set of processes of producing great books. From paper selection, process formulation to post press, every procedure shows meticulousness in details.


Special Equipment

Artron has developed special equipment for producing great books to enhance product quality and increase working efficiency.

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