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On the basis of traditional electronic scanning, to meet customers’ various needs for the perfect dissemination of image & text data, Artron has added the digital image input system, developed three brand new modes of image & text data acquisition, including digital photography, high-definition stereoscanning and LAB independent color spatial scanning, which fully digitalize image & text acquisition, need only standard data and standard reference for easy image & text acquisition and standardize initial work, thus guaranteeing print quality to provide customers with diversified services of image & text data acquisition.



1.Digital Photography
  56-megapixel Phase One 645 camera, with which Artron is equipped, contains Aptus II 10R new high-end digital back. Based on the advanced equipment, Artron has established a professional digital photography studio in cooperation with domestic top photographers, capturing highlights of works from a professional perspective and satisfying customers’ needs for the restoration of ultra-high-definition images.



2. High-definition Stereoscanning
 Artron uses 420,000,000-pixel Cruse mobile stereoscanners to acquire image data and accurately restore images. Scanned images, which have abundant visual hierarchies, high precision and vivid colors and faithfully demonstrate the original state of works, fully avoid losses of details of original works caused by traditional photography. The mobile scanning system can provide door-to-door services according to customers’ needs to save resources for customers and greatly secure original works.

3. LAB Independent Color Spatial Scanning
 With the constant progress in modern technology and the advanced applications of standardization flow, Artron fully shifted to the LAB flow from 2001. Combining LAB scanning and high-precision printing technology, the flow can reproduce image colors to the max, meet the diversified and multi-level needs of the market for image colors, and seamlessly join the digital times.

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