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Artron Design Center is quite familiar with the latest printing technologies, materials and binding processes, and can perfectly integrate design with processes, textures with printing, is a professional institution in the field of visual art that values visual planning and research, has a passionate, creative and experienced team, and focuses on visual arts services such as visual planning of prints, book binding and design, VI design, package design, graphic design and photography.


●Artron has been immersed in art design for 17 years since its establishment in 1995, boasts experience in art book design incomparable to other design institutions, and has designed more than 10,000 art books.


●Artron has established competitive visual design centers in Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen, which can basically meet design demands from across the country.

●Artron masters printing technologies, has a good knowledge of material quality and binding processes, has been devoted to art over the years, and has high artistic accomplishment.

●Artron can provide customers such as artists and art institutions with systematic and high-caliber creative services such as visual art planning, book binding design, package design and graphic design.





Candidature File for Shenzhen 26th Summer Universiade

Shenzhen is a vigorous coastal city epitomized by blue; with the concise and modern design concept and based on the major design element-IUSF’s logo U, the file ingeniously mixes in elements like track and stadium, demonstrating the inherent harmony between Shenzhen and the Universiade. The file, in fine and novel design, is filled with originality and modernity.

Candidate File for World Design Capital

This is a book embodying the vigor, vitality, originality and prosperity of Shenzhen. The form of “bamboo shoot” is the carrier of vitality and aggressiveness, as well as inheritance of Chinese traditional culture. The novel appearance, combined with antique thread binding, demonstrate to the world that Shenzhen is a vigorous and creative city rooted in a country with deep and rich culture.

Picture Collections of Bank of Communications

This is a picture album in celebration of the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Bank of Communications. Based on the traditional features of calligraphy and paintings, the book artistically blends in a number of traditional design elements like wood carving, auspicious cloud and carving text and is dominated by Chinese red and the simple cream to fully highlight the historical and cultural essence of the Bank of Communications over the century as well as the historical role of one of the largest and earliest banks in China. It delicately and accurately conveys the strong sense of history and rich culture of the Bank of Communications.




Candidature File for Shenzhen 26th Summer Universiade;

Candidate File for World Design Capital;

Celebration of the Centennial of the Bank of Communications.

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