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Prepress Image & Text Processing

     Artron has input labor and materials heavily in researching and summarizing various types of originals, and worked out technical standards with Artron’s characteristics. With a modern and open concept, Artron conducts color management in a full process from prepress to press, and lays a solid foundation for efficient prepress image color processing through the stable technical standards.


Professional Image & Text Processing--Full-process Precise Color Control
1. Image color processing has always been Artron’s core technology. Artron boasts world-class electronic scanning equipment and Asia’s largest image processing center;


2. Hundreds of senior image processing engineers with a dozen years’ working experience and overseas academic background ensure quality acquisition of original information;


3. Artron invited Western printing experts to form a management system of image analysis, input, calibration, output and evaluation, and controlled systems of ambient temperature and humidity through a dozen years’ practice, established “ACMS” Artron color management standards with independent intellectual property right, and created a full-process color management system from prepress image processing to standardized control of printing.


4. Mass computer desktop publishing. Artron has established strong image & text production bases in Shenzhen, Beijing and Shanghai, with 200 high-speed professional workstations and an average daily output of 10,000 pages. It can process various professional file formats like AI, Indesign, CorelDraw, Freehand and PDF.


5. Precise proofreading. To safeguard customers’ fundamental interests, Artron has assigned proofreaders with the image & text processing department to help customers with quality control and frequently correct major text errors for customers, thus being trusted by customers.


6. Remote text and layout correction system. Remote tax and layout correction system breaks the boundary of time and space and shorten operation time, thus enormously saving customers’ costs; remote fast tracking and simplification of sample signature procedures for customers have become trends of the printing industry.


     The remote text and layout correction system integrates initial plate making operations as a whole to greatly saving time and materials for middle steps; meanwhile, connection to communications network, especially use of net disk (FTP), frees proofreading from time and territory restrictions, ensuring high quality and earning the maximum profits for customers in terms of time and cost.
     Artron uses the remote text and layout corrections system massively in cooperation with overseas customers.


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