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As the first “Base for Application, Research and Popularization of Chinese Printing Standardization Technology”, Artron has been practicing printing regularization, datamation and standardization; and actively absorbing internationally leading technologies and processes and pooling various resources to provide world-class printing services for Chinese and foreign artistic and business customers. Artron’s offset printing includes independently developed Chroma Centric printing, waterless printing and stochastic screening printing.


Standardized Art Printing

1. To establish and perfect its printing standards and process control system, as early as in 1997, Artron retained world-famous printing expert Toben Jorgensen, chief advisor to former EAC of Denmark, chief printing instructor to Heidelberg China and internationally top technical expert, as chief engineer.

2. To ensure the printing quality of different printing equipment, Artron took the lead in the domestic industry to introduce Komori DoNet open integrated printing system, which is based on Artron’s full-process color management system from plate making, CTP output to printing, and reduces human influence through quality control, thereby ensuring product quality.

3. In 2006, Artron became China’s first Base for Application, Research and Popularization of Chinese Printing Standardization Technology”, as well as the first Chinese printing enterprise engaged in standardized production.


Creative Development of Printing Technologies

Artron has been making technical innovation from the professional perspective of artists, has independently developed many revolutionary printing technologies and processes, and has surpassed traditional processes in such aspects as gamut, detail control and artistic expression. Chroma Centric color process optimization technology independently developed by Artron has pioneered a new revolution in printing technology.

(1) Chroma Centric is a high technology independently developed by Artron.

(2) Image data acquisition by lab standard--True color, most complete image information.

(3) Full-process printing color management--Accurate color restoration.

(4) High-precision printing--Eight times more precise than common printing.

(5) Enhanced ink formula--25% larger than color gamut of common printing.

(6) Intelligent data control process--30% denser than common printing, accurate to 1% in dot control.



Waterless Printing

1. Waterless printing can produce clear images with full dot ink and saturated image & text colors, suit art printing with strong color expression.

2. IPA-contained fount is not needed during printing to weaken the impact of CO2 on the environment.

3. Waterless printing can save water resources enormously to contribute to environmental protection.


Stochastic Screening Printing

1. Stochastic screening printing is prominent in fine color transition, especially in highlighted and darkened areas.

2. For art prints containing complex details and rich color transition, stochastic screening printing can eliminate moire and save the most complex details.

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