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Post-press Processing and Artistic

Post-press Processing

To fully demonstrate books’ fineness, Artron has constantly made improvements in traditional binding, and striven to be meticulous in every procedure. Artron has kept improving traditional binding processes such as saddle stitching, offset binding and deluxe binding and accumulated a lot of successful experience in surface decoration processes such as laminating, gliding, UV glazing and embossing.


Artistic Binding

To meet the ever-growing requirements of art customers for binding, based on various new materials and technologies, after fully understanding market demands, Artron innovatively developed binding forms with remarkable art features integrating materials such as precious metal, stone, fabric and PVC, established mature technical standards and provided effective guarantee for fine art prints, thereby enhancing overall artistry.



1.Deluxe Binding


Artron has a professional team of more than 60 members, which provides fine binding integrating traditional technology with modern fashion;

Artron retained several design masters as art directors to provide professional art direction, thereby comprehensively enhancing the artistry of prints;

Collection-level gifts display the artistry and dignity of prints.



2.Large-format Deluxe Binding


Artron independently developed a special production line to produce Large-format books and owns processing technologies with independent intellectual property rights;

Grand deluxe books display royal temperament, are suitable to display grand epic themes and are sold at home and abroad;

Artron prints chronicles exclusively for time-honored art institutions, major art events and grand cultural themes.



3.Antique Thread-bound Books


Artron integrates traditional thread binding with modern ideas, and develops antique thread binding to create book artworks with historical charm and Chinese style.


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