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With a history of more than four decades, Giclee is a process of producing art prints through spray ink printing. It has boosted image artwork duplication and collection.

To satisfy photographers’ increasingly diversified and individualized demands, Artron introduced leading Giclee process and equipment in 2009, conducted systematic researches in such aspects scanning and processing, color control, printing paper adaptability and texture diversification of Giclee images, and formed Giclee+ characteristic of Artron that values color rendition and quality. The high-emulation artwork duplicates produced with the technology are resistant to light, water and ozone, and main colors for 100 years without fading.




Three products of Artron Giclee+


1. Exhibition-level Giclee+--convenient, cost-effective

      Artron Giclee+ perfectly interprets the verve of originals to immerse viewers in them. We customize works and offer a dozen choices of printing papers to create the most cost-effective photographic artworks at lowest cost.


2. Collection-level Giclee+--elegant, rare, collection

      We choose the best ink and printing papers for collection. Their outstanding force of expressing details of artworks and ability to resist time makes artworks everlasting and makes photographers’ originals real classics crossing the times.


3. Personalized products--happy for all

      Every time you come back from a photographic tour, you can condense one, two or several most impressive works into a personalized collection, decorate home furnishing with it to show delicacy and elegance, present it to a friend or relative to display your high personality and good taste. Such personalized products will enchant people and add artistry to life.

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