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Based on inheritance and protection of world cultural heritage, relying on rich experience and high-level color management standard in the field of art printing, Artron has successfully resolved technical problems of duplicating artworks on different media like canvases, silk scrolls and rice papers, and can provide the circles of fine arts, museum and collection as well as institutions disseminating cultural artworks with high-emulation calligraphy & painting duplicates displaying the verve of originals.

In cooperation with renowned domestic and foreign museums, art galleries and artists, Artron has long been engaged in authorized high-emulation duplication of artworks such as ancient Chinese calligraphies and paintings, modern and contemporary Chinese calligraphies and paintings, and classical Western oil paintings to make art treasures “confined to palaces” accessible to common people, thus making positive contributions to enhancement in national artistic accomplishment.



I High-precision Image Data Acquisition

1. Artron has 420-megapixel Cruse mobile stereoscanners and 56-megapixel Phase One 645 camera;

2. Acquired image data have rich levels and high precision, truly restore the original state of works and provide high-precision data source for high-emulation duplication.


II Professional Image Processing

1. Image color processing has always been Artron’s core technology. Artron boasts world-class electronic scanning equipment and Asia’s largest image processing center.

2. Professional image processing engineers and Artron’s exclusive ACMS color management system processes digitalized works to create standard duplication-level files.


III Self-made Special Materials

1. Artron developed a series of special materials like canvases, silk scrolls and rice paper through repeated tests and researches to meet the need for high-emulation duplication.

2. Duplication materials independently developed by Artron, such as coating liquid, rice paper and silk fabric, won national patents and are close to originals such as vision and touching.


IV Giclee+

1. Giclee+, a technology of micro-spraying output of collection-level artwork duplicates, is a duplication-level standard totally different from printing;

2. Giclee+ ensures artwork duplicates are resistant to light, water and ozone, and maintains the colors of artwork duplicate for 80 years.


V Anti-fake Technology

Artron tailors an “identity card” for each item. The product identity card, made through independent 2D code anti-fake technology, can acquire the copyright information of products by reading the information of product identity cards and verify the copyright information of products through the Internet to ensure the authoritativeness and authenticity of products.


VI Mounting and Packaging

To ensure the higher aesthetics and perfect preservation of calligraphies and paintings, Artron provides customers with mounting and packaging services to be meticulous in every detail.


VII Original Preservation

Artron blends the advanced concept of logistics management into procedures of original artworks such as packaging, preservation, delivery, transport and storage, to free customers from the worry about original security through rigorous management system and intimate services.


VIII Intellectual Property

      During acquiring, processing and outputting images for customers, Artron honors its commitments to full-course protection and confidentiality management of customers’ intellectual property and business secrets.

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