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With the development of Internet and digital information technology, electronic publishing has taken initial shape as a publishing revolution and become overwhelming. As an outstanding Chinese integrated art service provider, Artron will, based on digital copyright protection, integrate traditional printing services with modern information technology to provide numerous outstanding domestic and overseas publishing houses and artists with all-round and integrated quality services and services of e-book production and distribution.



I Advantage of E-book Operation Service Offered by Artron

1. Artron’s products are quality assurance.

2. Mature applications of App technology and Internet technology.

3. Great impact of the country’s largest art portal,



II E-book Operation Service Solutions Offered by Artron

1. Paper books proposed to be published or being produced will also be digitalized and published to the Mac platform.

2. All published paper books have been digitalized and published in App Store for paid download by domestic and overseas readers.

3. All e-books will be made into those supporting PC, Mac and Android systems, and will be available on for paid download.

4. To protect intellectual property, Artron has established strict anti-piracy technology assurance as well as a professional legal team combating illegal infringement.


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