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Artron sells books on the basis of, targets professional customers (members of, high-end art groups, high-end artists and high-end art groups and institutions) and nonprofessional customers (art education demanders), and organizes direct delivery of books of publishing houses by means of EDM or DM, thereby accomplishing point-to-point direct sale and forming the “third channel” of book sale.

Artron’s “third channel” is a platform for interactive sale of art books characterized by interactivity and uniqueness of information flow, as well as a spatial marketing mode integrating “Internet marketing, database marketing with experience center”.



I Building System of Precise Sale of Fine Traditional Paper Books

1. Taking the book database of as the basis;

2. Centering on Artron’s art book customer database;

3. Targeting art publishing institutions and terminal customers;

4. Taking as the online demonstration platform and the experience center as the offline experience platform;

5. Taking digital reading and membership-based book marketing as service products;

6. Taking Internet dissemination, experience center transfer and DM delivery as service means;

7. Building a system of precise sale of fine traditional paper books to accomplish the symmetry of book information and customer information.



II Characteristics of System of Precise Sale of Art Books

1. The system is an Internet-based member system and a two-way service system for publishing institutions and terminal customers;

2. Artron provides a service platform, a service system and service tools, but does not participate in warehousing and logistics of traditional businesses;

3. Artron offers third-party services, including information flow and capital flow services like information processing, information integration, information provision, information popularization, capital payment, order integration and customer service tracking;

4. Artron’s “system of precise sale of art books” will be supervised by a third-party institution, disclose information from order integration to payment.

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