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About, founded in October 2000, is recognized as the world’s leading Chinese art website.


Targets more than 800,000 professional members and attracts up to 1000,000 page views per day ;

Ranks No. 1 among Alexa Chinese Art Websites and placed in the top 400 in


Provides comprehensive database on Chinese artists, art institutions, galleries and auction result of over 500 auction houses.

Our users are with economic strength, connoisseurship and have unique aesthetic tastes.





Services by


Information: a primary source of real-time information on art for art lovers;


Cooperation with art institutions: helping art institutions to enhance their brand popularity;


Data and market analysis: providing artworks investors and collectors with a basis for decision-making;


Online publicity: integrating with the brand of Artron+ and providing a platform for artists and their works;


Artworks trade: a safe and convenient e-commerce platform for communication and trade of artworks;


Cooperation with brands: customizing events and activities and setting up a platform for brands, through which high-end brands enhance their brand popularity by connecting the brand and art.

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ARTRON Art portal

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