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Hardcover Binding Book is a sophisticated binding form in publishing. Compared to paperback books, hardcover books have advantages such as sophisticated use of materials, solid binding, elegant decoration and long-term preservation. The complex procedures of post-press processing can add the value of hardcover books by 20 percent.

General deluxe binding may be divided into square-back binding, round-back binding and mounting binding.

With Artron’s rapid development, the company has established a department of artistic binding R & D, conducted in-depth exploration and research of hardcover design and production, accumulated rich experience and developed exquisite skills in traditional binding forms such as paperback and hardcover. Many hardcover books planned and produced by Artron won awards at home and abroad.


Artron has a professional team of more than 60 members, which provides fine binding integrating traditional technology with modern fashion;

Artron retained several design masters as art directors to provide professional art direction, thereby comprehensively enhancing the artistry of prints;

Collection-level gifts display the artistry and dignity of prints.


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