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Artistic Artron set sail again at BookExpo America 2012

On June 5, 2012, BookExpo America/BEA with a history of more than 110 years opened its new chapter at Javits Center, New York. About 1,500 publishers and distributors from over 80 countries and regions around the world attended the exhibition. Artron Enterprise (Group) Limited, with “Artistry in Printing” as its theme, displayed its newly launched precious books on the international stage again.

The exhibition booth of Artron this time was small but its exhibits were of high quality and elegant. Most up-to-date and representative precious books ranging from photography, fine arts & museology, luxury and special binding and layout were available there to satisfy overseas customers of different demands and categories. As reflected from their duration of stay at Artron’s booth, these precious books granted them huge joy of appreciation and Artron’s profile as a high-end brand has gradually been deeply rooted in their mind. Artron’s fame on international stage has been beyond step-by-step recognition of its customers. Some well-known media have identified the value of Artron’s influence for their reports. Correspondents with China Daily and Overseas Chinese News actively had an interview with Peng Gan, Vice-president of Artron Group on the spot, and later made active publicity and report on Artron’s activity in the exhibition, making the brand Artron more popular.

Since its founding, Artron has never stopped innovating its customer service. To adapt to the trend of international publishing market, Artron has launched its e-book operation business. In this BookExpo, Artron also exhibited its new digital products like book digitization, digital exhibition and auction e-catalogue, greatly arousing concern of visiting customers who spoke highly of Artron’s innovative business model.

Artron has been attending BookExpo America, one of the top 10 international book expositions for the third time. Overseas customers have had increasing recognition of Artron. Its high-end brand profile has been accepted by more people while its innovative business model has made it more popular in international market all the more, which injected full confidence for its international marketing strategies.

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