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Mr. Benedikt Taschen, president of Taschen, visited and investigated Artron

On July 19, 2012, Mr. Benedikt Taschen, President of Taschen, a well-known publishers of arts books in Germany, accompanied by Mr. Liu Xiangcheng, visited Beijing Artron Arts Center for exchange and was warmly accepted by Chairman Wan Jie, Vice-president Zhang Dong and General Manager of Chinese Artwork Database Yang Yi.

Mr. Benedikt Taschen is the most pioneering publisher in contemporary world and called Jobs in the field of arts publishing. He founded Taschen and established branches across the world, enjoying great fame in the field. It’s said that it’s the first visit of Mr. Benedikt Taschen to China. And his visit to Artron out of admiration fully shows his urgent wish to cooperate with Artron in the future.

During his visit, “Boundless Mind – Exhibition of Works of Book Designer Wuyao” was also in exhibition at Artron Art Gallery. Under the warm direction of Chairman Wan Jie, Mr. Benedikt Taschen and his followers visited the exhibition with great interest. Later, when he approached the exhibition zone of fine books of Artron, he could not wait any more to turn the pages and appreciate the excellent art books made by Artron with praises. At the Artists Experience Center, Mr. Benedikt Taschen carefully watched an advertising video of Artron and respectfully listened to Chairman Wan Jie about the progress of Artron over the past two decades, the innovative business model of “traditional printing + modern IT + culture and arts”, the cooperation philosophy and method of building flagship of arts service, and its maintenance of and pursuit for its objectives of “serving people’s arts” and “arts serving people”. Mr. Benedikt Taschen nodded to praise and expresses great interest in and further cooperation on Artron’s plan and implementation of physical bookshops in Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen.

Before farewell, Mr. Benedikt Taschen expressed his best wishes to Artron with passion, “To the Artron colleague+staff. Thank you for showing me your impressive organization. Good luck in the future.”

Chairman Wan Jie also gave Artron’s carefully chosen artwork “Pottery Kettle Carved with a Dragon and a Phoenix” and fine book Dream of Red Mansion as gifts to Mr. Benedikt Taschen who expressed sincere favor and thanks. Through this deep exchange and communication, both parties have strengthened mutual understanding and trust, laying sound foundations for further negotiation and cooperation.

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