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Artron refreshed record of China by winning eight Benny Awards

Recently, awards of Premier Print Awards 2012 have been announced one after another. Artron Enterprise (Group) has won eight Benny Awards, being a Chinese enterprise winning the most Benny Awards in a single year in the history and making a new record as a Chinese enterprise! As a national enterprise, China’s Artron has won world’s acclaim for the hometown of printing!

Depending upon such outstanding books as The Villages for Life and Reminiscence Through Light & Shadow this time, Artron has won twenty-seven awards including eight Benny Awards, eleven Certificates of Merit and eight Awards of Recognition, making the best achievements in its history in terms of number of Benny Awards and total number of awards it wins!

Books are carriers of civilization while printing is a messenger of spreading civilization. Human beings have read something for over 10,000 years; books have been available for thousands of years; printing has been invented for over 1,000 years. Artron integrates its dedication to arts, firmness to civilization and belief to innovation into extricate book artworks, continuously building pleasant surprises for people’s reading experience and demonstrating the Oriental’s “way of elegant arts and beauty of printing technology”.

The top honor of Premier Print Awards Benny Award, the most authoritative and influential printing product quality evaluation match of global printing industry, was named after Benjamin Franklin who once made revolutionary contribution for the printing technology of the United States and likened to the “Oscar” of global printing industry. During the nine years since 2003 when Artron first attended Premier Print Awards, Artron has won twenty-seven Benny Awards in total, fully demonstrating to the world the excellent standard and great strength of China’s printing enterprises.

The Best of Category of Premier Print Awards has not be announced. Let’s wait and see whether Artron who won the Best of Category last year can win such award again this year!


Books winning eight Benny Awards

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