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Artron continues to lead world for fourth straight year with six Benny awards at Premier Print Awards 2013

The results of the high-profile 64th Premier Print Awards have recently been unveiled. Artron grabbed six Benny Awards (Best of Category Awards), leading the world for the fourth straight year. Besides, Artron garnered a record 10 Awards of Recognition and 18 Certificates of Merit. 20-year-old Artron has once again earned global honors and respect for the hometown of printing with exquisite "craftsmanship".

 The six books winning Benny Awards are Materia Medica of Food, Horizontal Extremities,40th Anniversary of The World Heritage, The Impossible Collection of Cars, Stand Here and Modernist Cuisine at Home, which were from customers worldwide. Since claiming the Benny Award for the first time in 2003, Artron has claimed 33 such awards and come out on top for recent four consecutive years, showing the brand image of Artron as a leader in global art printing, displaying the beauty of China's printing art to the world and promoting the fusion and prosperity of world cultures and arts.

When merchants' spirit of pursuing scale and profit prevails in the era of industrialization, Artron takes its own way, keeps to the "craftsmanship" handed down for thousands of years among ancient craftsmen and European workshops, abandons shoddiness, concentrates on refining, values and perfects details, elaborates every procedure, blends the beauty of art into the fine creation of book artworks, gives the soul of art to every book with respects to craft masters, and makes every book artwork emit the brilliance of art and generate historic value, thus retaining rich treasure for extending human civilization and handing down arts. It is the perfection-oriented "craftsmanship" that has earned Artron the lead in the global highest awards for four straight years.

As the most authoritative and influential printing quality award in the global printing industry, Benny Award, the top honor of "Premier Print Awards", is known as the “Oscar” of global printing industry. Founded in 1950, Benny Award was named after Benjamin Franklin who once made a revolutionary contribution for the printing technology of the US.


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