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China Artwork Data Center: Spread Beauty ofArt by Science and Technology

Tosatisfy the data business demands of clients in the art industry, Artron hasbuilt a professional, secure and efficient data services platform for ChineseArt, providing comprehensive, convenient and customized data collection,processing and management.

The China Artwork Data Center, features afull-range service model integrating collection, processing, management andapplication, provides such art data services as artwork digitalization, an artcloud and IT solutions.

The collection center, using itsworld-leading digitalized collection equipment, professional image studios andexperienced team members, collects digital information including artwork, films,books, murals, spacial scenes, audio & video and other full media. Datamodels and collection standards vary with different objects. The collectioncenter has developed unique protocols for each type of subject matter. Inaddition to rich experience in the field of traditional art data collection(e.g. photography, electronic color separation), the center invests in researchin the newly emerging and still growing technologies like spatial scenedigitalization, 3D scanning and panoramic scanning, in particular, introducingworld-leading equipment, employing experts and continuously exploring how toperfectly integrate new technologies and art industry while enhancing itscollection capability.

The processing center is responsible todigitalize and index information. Featuring Asia’s largest image processingcenter, the processing center has developed the unique A_C_ M_S(ACMS)color management system.

The color management standards can solve suchproblems as color distortion and deviation on images arising out of differencesof carriers,fully recovering the original colors and fulfilling high-fidelitycolor output in the case of multiple production systems. All Art data editorsin the center are graduates of leading Chinese Art Universities,and each has somepersonal art affinity, art,appreciation and professional knowledge. They integratetheir professional knowledge and Artron’s unique art data organizationstandards to carry out data classification and indexing and fully interpret artworkinformation.

The art data organization standards are themost comprehensive, complete and scientific in the art industry andarecontinuously revised by art experts, database building experts and cataloguing standardsexperts so as to provide a scientific basis for art data editing and indexing.

The management center is responsible forstorage and management of art data. By means of advanced IT, billions of piecesof artwork data are stored and managed in the world’s largest artwork database witha P level storage capacity. The center, ever committed to R&D, hasdeveloped a series of patents and proprietary techniques, such as image searching,large image processing, and DRM digital copyright protection. The centerestablished and maintains long-term and stable technology cooperation with HP,GMG of Germany, CRUSE,Institute of Microelectronics of Tsinghua University, andChina Art Science and Technology Institute.

Three IDC centers have been established inBeijing, Shenzhen and Shanghai to fulfill mirror backup for disaster recoveryof data, ensuring clients’ data safety and facilitating clients’ cloud access.

Theapplication center is responsible for art data application R&D, andcommitted to seamlessly integrate advanced IT technologies and art data, anddiscovering novel art data applications. Through art printing, microspraying,high-fidelity replication,POD printing, digital publishing, book planning, art derivative,digital art museum, virtual museum and other products or services, it providesclients in the art industry with more professional and convenient services.

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