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Perspective Determines Viewpoints whileProfessionalism Originates from Data in the Top Art Service Platform

Founded in October 2000, hasbecome the world’s most important professional portal to China’s art world andthe most important art service platform for searching, purchasing andauthenticating Chinese artwork hosts the most active online interactivecommunity revolving around Chinese Art.With professional media informationservices and an artwork transaction guide showing past transactions,artron.nethas created an ideal artwork exchange.By creating such a stable exchange, byproviding transparency and historic pricing data, has helped toincrease commerce in the Chinese art market. As the most popular brand inChina’s art circle, has over 1.3 million professional members andeight million daily browses, ranking among the top 300 websites in China onAlexa. The platform, comprises many sections including comprehensive art information,art homepage, authentication and filing, art market monitor agency (AMMA)andart search to build a top art service platform.


Artrons art market index (AMI) is the flagship of Chinas artworkmarket

AMI is the result of stringent sorting andanalysis, observation of art market trend by means of statistics and economicmeasurements made by Artron’s Art Market Monitor Agency (AMMA). AMMA had a deepand fundamental understanding of the Chinese Art Market.

We release structurally rich artworkindices which can reflect China’s artwork market trend and price trends fromthe broad market, and even individual artists:

Chinas artwork auction market booming index

Chinas artwork market confidence index

Composite index: Traditional Chinese Painting 400; oil painting 100

Subcategory index: Contemporary and modern well-known artistsindex, contemporary top 18 index, Beijing and Tianjin painting school index,Shanghai calligraphy and painting index, south China painting school index andrealistic Chinese painting school index.

Individual artist index: Monitor the trend andindex of Chinas artists market composed of over 5,000calligraphy, traditional Chinese painting, oil painting, sculpture andphotography.

Artron media information

By making full use of the online world, fully provides relevant, comprehensive and timely information to itsart subscribers. includes:

Artron Headline

Artron Column

Artron Lecture

Follow Artron to Visit Exhibitions

Artron Auction Live

Correspondentstations around the globe have been established with over 100 analysts,correspondents and informants so that can be the first to obtain andpublish global art information and exhibition dynamics. An essential tool to understand art transactions allows searching for general artinformation, auction and exhibition details, artists and their artwork, artinstitutions and art books. serves as the most important search toolfor collectors, investors and fans to search China artwork information from multipleperspectives.

The massive database of offers4.5 million auction records, over 35.7 million pieces of precious images andtexts of artwork,details of over 840 auction houses, over 18,000 auctions andof over 30,000 artists. These numbers increase every year.

Comprehensive: Cover over 95% of secondarymarket transaction around China

Timely: Immediate presentation ofcollection auction result

Accurate: Auction data accuracy is morethan 98%

Professional:Based on real-time data analysis and Artron index monitor, it offers markettrend and reference for evaluation.

Artron art homepage platform An trustworthyartwork guide for purchasers

Artron artwork database is highly valued by1.3 million purchasers

The purchasers service center of artron.netanswers over 1,000 replies artwork purchase inquiries on an average month.

It provides the Artron art homepageplatform with the most genuine and effective purchasers’ information andrichest artwork purchasing power.

At present, several products are offered,including Artron Art Gallery, Artron Collection, Artron Artists Self-serviceand Artron Masters of Arts and Crafts Self-service.

Throughthe purchasers service center of, purchasers may dial 400 6690999for professional art guide services.

More importantly, AAC art China not just aceremony, is the unprecedented scale of the persistent art project

AAC Art China · Annual Influence

"AAC Art China · AnnualInfluence" is an annual appraisal activity that’s launched by artron.netto sort out contemporary Chinese art development and award those art figuresand events for outstanding achievements. The appraisal and awarding has beendone annualy since 2006. Experts review art events, artworks, artists and art exhibitionsof the previous year and recommend, following several rounds of appraisal, 12awards including the most influential oil painting, ink painting, calligraphy, multimedia,sculpture, annual photography artist, most influential annual young artist,most influential annual art exhibition and most influential annual artpublication.

Thewell-known “AAC Art China · Annual Influence” not only reflects the developmentand achievements of contemporary Chinese art over the previous year but also exertsinfluence on the international promotion of Chinase art.

Monthly observation

AAC releases monthly art observation topicsand reports every full year.

Philanthropic auction

Philanthropic auction – Hand in hand withfamous auction houses, AAC auctions artworks donated by artists forphilanthropic purposes.

Peak night

500 top overseas Chinese billionaire andmen of letters gather at the Forbidden City to witness the birth of overseasChinese art influence

Tour invited exhibitions

Tour invited exhibitions – Invitedexhibitions of awarded artists with 20 curators

held in cities at home and abroad.

Preliminary assessment + art forum

Covers the seven most important Chinesecities: Beijing, Guangzhou, Wuhan and Chongqing.

Annually sort out new developments andacademic achievements across all the art forms.

Produce top 10 candidates for each awardfollowing preliminary assessment.

Final review

Vote anonymously for the 14 awards.


Across-boundary internet vote activity hand in hand with Sina weibo, douban and othermedia

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