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An Encyclopedia for Artists

Art + is a “digital asset management”service system that Artron has built for artists.

Hand in hand with more than 3,000 artists,Artron has made use of multiple technologies and integrated various resourcesto tailor an encyclopedia-like “Art + comprehensive service” to artists’ needs.

ThroughArtron’s “Art + comprehensive service”, artists’ original works, literature andrelevant art achievements are stored and managed in a digital way to provide comprehensivecustomized services such as literature publication, exhibition planningcommunication and promotion, and to enhance art appreciation and values in diversifiedforms.

Official homepage

"Officialhomepage" is an authoritative official platform designed for artists. Itis the carrier of and linked to, artebuy. comand other hot subnets. It now boasts one million stable members and eight milliondaily browses. Upon establishment of an Official Homepage, an artist maypublicize his or her latest works and information at any moment, increasing industryawareness and appreciation, and providing interaction with a great many artfans and collectors.

Online exhibition

Onlineexhibition is based on, the world’s largest artwork portal website.It makes use of internet resources to build special exhibition space and builda brand new communication platform for a wide range of curators and artistswhere artists and their artworks can be exhibited. On the one hand, its uniqueappreciation perspective and exhibition context provide artists with a multi-functionalexhibition space for genres such as painting, video, sculpture and other artforms. On the other hand, its unique image processing technology allows forexact color duplication from the original works. In addition, super strongvisual impact, super wide webpage format and no restriction of time or spacefacilitate art fans around the globe to have a casual appreciation and timelyshare at any moment by just a click.

Offline exhibition

Leveragingfrom Artron’s powerful resources, the exhibition service team of Art + providesperipheral services including exhibition planning, exhibition hall design,on-site exhibition and exhibition booklet preparation. At present, a completeservice network covering Asia, America and Europe provides the most professionaland quality exhibition services for artists.

Internet promotion and communication

Sinceits founding in 1999, has become the world’s largest professionalportal to China’s artwork and the most active online interactive community. Itis also a priority media platform to obtain art information, offering artistsinformation, video interviews,exhibition forecasts and other information, andproviding artists with efficient and rich communication and promotion services.

Digital asset management

China’slargest State-level image data processing platform, Artron’s Digital AssetManagement platform was established for artists standardized enterprise-levelpersonal database offering art asset sorting, storage, application andpromotion services. In addition,it offers artwork digitalization and permanentdocument storage, allowing for a maximum facilitation of the works forinternet,publishing, printing, exhibition, promotion, replication andderivatives development with a final aim of comprehensive digitalization.

Image and text processing

Image and text processing are keycomponents for Art + service. Artron’s standardized color management system,which includes cutting-edge advanced photography, scanning and electronic colorseparation, presents perfect replication of the original works and ensuringquality of their digitalization.

Highlights include:

Automatic digital photography collection

Cruse super high-fidelity three-dimensional scanning collection

High-fidelity roller electronic color separation collection

Unique ACMS color management system

Cutting-edge old image recovery technology

A service team with over 20 years of image and text processingexperience

Artwork Authentication

China Artworks Authentication features acomprehensive artwork authentication management service that Artron Artwork

Authentication Center offers the art marketfor the purpose of artwork authentication, as well as a searchable filingsystem. Starting from the origin of artwork, the service includes personalauthentication by the artist, high-fidelity image collection, artwork DNA data extraction,data storage filing and a filing database inquiry system, producing a unique,authoritative, searchable “ID card” database, providing for the sound andorderly development of China’s artwork market.

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