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Artron’s system of art appreciationstandards and quality evaluation standards of art books

Hand in hand with world renowned artinstitutions, domestic experts and scholars, Artron has painstakinglyestablished its system of art appreciation standards. Based on the history ofart, various art forms, representative artists, art schools, artworks, museumcollections and other art elements are sorted out. Then, various kinds of arteducation system are developed to provide art fans with comprehensive andconcrete art education solutions.

In addition, based on its vast experience,Artron has concluded a set of quality evaluation standards for art books thatintegrates Artron’s system of art appreciation standards. Through suchevaluation standards of art books, Artron can provide a wide range of art fanswith an art book guide that is very accurate and convenient.


Art Books

By integrating art and publishing resourcesboth in China and abroad, Artron Art Books has opened library-like bookshopsand a built a marketing system that also promotes art education. With the ITcreative technologies and demonstration system, it has brought art bookspublished at home and abroad to its customers, satisfying the demand forhigh-quality art books that it has helped to foster. Artron Art Books hasachieved the goal of bringing the beauty of art into people’s daily life byincreasing art appreciation and education, art collection and inquiry, andoffering, in addition to art books, other luxuries, decorations, gifts andpresents.


Artron Art Library

The Artron Art Library aims to collect allthe elite art books around the globe. Now

it has collected a great many elite artbooks published in Chinese, English, French

and Japanese. Following Artron’s standardsof art education, art book categories are classified on the basis of publishingyear, art form, art school or other key word so that the art fans can follow upand quickly search their favorite art books.

Currently under construction, Artron ArtLibrary will feature a Book Wall at Artron (Shenzhen) Art Center, 50 metershigh and 20 meter wide, covering 1,000 square meters. It’s estimated to be ableto accommodate 35,000 after completion. It will showcase Artron’s finest works,as well as many other famous productions books placed in Is degree, octavoedition (size: 370*260*30mm) and back open. Customers will be welcome to perusethe collection in a comfortable reading environment. Artron has introduced bothself-published and foreign produced elite art books into China, as well ashelped to promote indigenous art books of China to the world.

Tobuild this art book market on an international level, Artron is establishingwide and far-reaching strategic cooperation with many leading global publishinghouses, world-class museums, top art galleries, and authoritative foundations.

Artron Art Bookshop

Artron has opened library styled artbookshops selling high-quality art books from global publishing houses and artinstitutions. The idea behind this groundbreaking style of bookshop is topromote art appreciation and popularization. For the Artron Art Bookshop coveringover 1,200 square meters, professional book selectors from Mainland China, HongKong and Taiwan will select 30,000-50,000 elite art books published in eightlanguages from around the globe. The shop features Asia’s largest art book wall(50 meter * 20 meter)

Artron has established close cooperationwith art academics, collectors, curators, and high-net worth art fans, offeringthem dedicated membership service and 1-to-1, door-to-door customized service.Artron aims to be on par with worldclass art events its pioneering servicemodel and super high-end IT technology.

Moreover, the Artron Art Book project isgoing to integrate such aesthetic spaces as art gallery, professionalphotography zone, multi-functional lecture hall and IT exhibition center so asto bring unique art experience to people’s daily life.

By then end of 2014, Artron will have setup large scale art centers in Shanghai and Beijing.

Since2012, Artron Art Books has been setting up a retail network covering major citiesof China. Artron’s first experience-based art bookshop was founded in GuangdongMuseum of Art in 2012. In April 2014, Artron’s Dingyi Art Bookshop had itsgrand opening in Shanghai. Another art bookshop at the China Art Museum inShanghai is under construction. In the future, Artron Art Books will cooperatewith many art institutions and universities of China.

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