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Artron’sDigital Publishing Center aims to provide art publishers, museums and culturalinstitutions with digitalized mobile product applications and solutions. It hasbuilt an art book city for art fans as a professional digital reading andpublishing platform of art books where art books with original authorizationsof various major publishing houses are available. . Meanwhile, we offercultural institutions and artists with one-stop integrated IT servicesincluding data collection, processing, technology development, App release andapplication maintenance. Artron’s Digital Publishing Center has built ahigh-quality professional team dedicated to pre-press, product planning,technology R&D, marketing, and service operation. It has always aimed tobring art to people’s life and been committed to popularizing art amongcustomers.

Digitalpublications and services Equip mobile terminals with art Mobile are apps areunder design that will help further the aim of increasing awareness of Chineseart and further facilitate art commerce.

Artron Art Book City APP A professional artbook digital publishing platform

Artron Art Book City is a mobile terminalproduct designed for art book reading and developed by Artron DigitalPublishing.

Through cooperation with more than 50professional publishing houses at home and abroad, Artron Digital Publishinghas collected over 5,000 art books. In particular, the Art Chronicle designedby the Artron editing team includes all the well-known artists and their worksin China’s history of art, clearly showing readers the development of Chineseart and the profile of Chinese fine arts while being conveniently searchable.

Digital Museum and Digital Exhibition APP integrated service a pocketmuseum

Artron Digital Museum and DigitalExhibition APP service provides those digital museums in various museums, artgalleries, fine arts academies and other cultural institutions with digital Apprelease, data collection, processing and other one-stop integrated service. Ithelps these cultural institutions further play their functions of spreadinghistory and culture, and social education by means of mobile internettechnology so that the public can obtain cultural and historical knowledge moreconveniently, and enhance their culture and art accomplishment andappreciation.

At present, through cooperation with theCapital Museum, China, Beijing Fine Art Academy, Anhui Museum, EmperorQinshihuang’s Mausoleum Site Museum,Guangdong Museum, Mountain Art &Education Foundation and other cultural institutions and artists, it hasdeveloped digital museum and exhibition APPs based on smart phone or panelcomputer like “300 lithography”, “Search wonders and create facts”,“Collections of Emperor Qinshihuang’s Mausoleum Exhibition”,Exhibitionsof Elite Cultural Relics of Lishan Park, and “Old Buildings of Huizhou”.

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