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Committed to advocate “art ·fashion · newlife”, Artron Artworks takes “art + culture, art+ fashion, art + space, art +life” as the main theme, persists the development road ofcreate culture and innovate technology” and strives to bring artinto people’s daily life.


High-fidelitycalligraphy and painting

  Culture gifts

With meticulous research and development,Artron Artworks has launched over a dozen series of art derivatives one afteranother like “charm of painting”, “charm of porcelain”, “charm of cloth”,“charm of paper”, “charm of crystal”, “charm of wood” and “art fashion”. Theseelite artworks closely related with life are characteristic of beauty of artand strong cultural concern through which art is really integrated withpeople’s daily life. In the world of Artron Artworks, human civilization andhistory of art are so condensed that people are closer to art than before. Inthe future, Artron Artworks will make out life more beautiful thanks to art aspeople expect through continuous effort and innovation!

  Artron Mobile ArtGallery – A space begets an art gallery

Artron Artwork MobileArt Gallery” is a senior art space, art education and art communicationsolution created uniquely by Artron. With art education and communication asits main tasks, molding character and beautifying life as its minor tasks, itintegrates art with living space, and aims to widely spread souls of orientaland west art and culture so that these artwork treasures can play their maximaluniversal values of art education, citizens’ art accomplishment can be greatlyenhanced, social atmosphere full of book fragrance and art can be built andsocialist spiritual civilization construction can be promoted.

Artron Artwork Mobile Art Gallery iscomposed of “High-fidelity calligraphy and painting”, “Art derivatives”,“Contrast to the originals”, “Multimedia interaction”,Art reading experience”, “Art forum” and “Art salon”.

Artron Artwork Mobile Art Gallery hasestablished a standard database of exhibition planning and layout programs,owns over 10,000 pieces of museum collected artworks with authorization, morethan 100 sets of mature, high-level, highly operable art exhibition oractivities theme programs which make possible multiple initiations in differentvenues around the globe for the same exhibited items.

It can systematicallysort out huge art resources and plan, implement series of fine arts specialexhibitions.

It can also fullyanalyze art and spread, popularize history of fine arts and aestheticsknowledge.

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