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Beijing Artron Art Images Co., Ltd. is akey project of Artron Art Group designed for the general art fans. Integratingthose resources, technologies and experiences of Artron Art Group specializingin the art circle, it takes “bringing beauty of image art to people’s dailylife” as its vision and building a database collecting millions of pieces ofimage as its core task, and offers five-dimensional image art consumables withstories in the forms of photography, fine arts, poster and artwork collection. ArtronImages is committed to be a leading enterprise producing image art consumablesin China and the world as well.  

 Resource advantages

With authorizations of the Palace Museum, Incorporated, China Photographers Association and other multiplewell-known art agencies and artists, and a database including millions ofpieces of original image


Technology advantages

World-class digital printers and artmicro-spraying process, selfdeveloped Sepiana Showing color managementtechnology, and super high-fidelity electronic color separation data collectionand nanometer-level digital image developing process


Channel advantages

Through strategic cooperation with worldtop culture and art agencies, Artron Images has established flagship shops inthe Palace Museum and China Art Museum, Shanghai, jointly built internetmarketing platform with Sina, and integrated PC terminals, mobile terminals andoffline resources forming O2O full-channel model


Brand advantages

As the holding company of Artron Images, Artron ArtGroup owns 20 years of experience of serving the art circle and wide brandinfluence among artists and art agencies, being the most admirable art serviceinstitution in the art circle.

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