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         Sepiana Showing Sets a Precedent for High-end Black-and-White Printing


Black-and-white images are refined, pure and expressive, filter gorgeous colors in conciseness to display the richness of the world in another form, and make the audience more thoughtful with deep penetration power.

How to perfectly recreate the beauty of black and white in printing?

Artron Sepiana Showing interprets black-and-white classic.

As black and white printing technology independently developed by Artron, Sepiana Showing not only improves color management of prepress toning, but also controls cold and warm printing of black and gray images and enhances the quality of black and white prints. Compared to traditional black and white printing technology, Sepiana Showing has advantages such as more accurate color preview, purer black and white colors, richer image depths and more stable printing quality.


1. More Accurate Prepress Color Presentation

    In traditional CMYK printing, due to printing process, previewed images generally differ from prints, leading to an enormous increase in printing efficiency. Compared to traditional CMYK printing, the latest Sepiana Showing technology, through stable gray balance control, can present colors more accurately whether in computer preview or sample representation.


2. Purer and Clearer Black and White

    Sepiana Showing ink, specific without any other color, solves the problem of color impurity due to traditional printing process to make prints’ black and white purer and clearer.


3. Richer Image Level

 Sepiana uses Artron full-course optimized color management system for prepress color conversion of images to enrich image level, for accurate proportioning of four colors of ink to store color richness and stability and enrich image level.


4. More Stable Printing Quality

In traditional printing, gray balance is difficult to control accurately, leading to serious color cast of CMYK images. However, Sepiana Showing perfectly overcomes the difficulty. It can, based on customer demands for warm and white color gradation, adjust colors to make printing quality more stable.

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