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FM Screening Printing

Artron’s FM screening printing is prominent in fine color transition, especially in highlighted and darkened areas. For images containing complex details, AM screening often cannot display tiny details well. FM screening can retain the most complex details in micro dot sizes. Besides, FM screening has the following advantages:
1. FM screening printing can eliminate moire;
2. Prints have high definition, good duplication effect and high stability;
3. FM screening is not restricted by screen angle, can effectively avoid moire and is insensitive to registering errors in plate making;
4. The darkened part is not prone to filling and is rich in detail.

FM screening has been increasingly popular with customers. To better meet customer requirements and display Artron’s unique features, on the basis of extensively applying FM screening to original photographic works, Artron closely integrated FM screening with wide-gamut printing to form a wide-gamut service module under the mode of high-precision printing.

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