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Waterless Printing

Waterless printing breaks the “water-oil balance” mode of traditional offset printing and dispels water interference. Waterless printing can not only accelerate printing adjustment to increase production efficiency, but also stabilize dot reproduction to improve production quality. In environmental protection, waterless printing is more prominent. Without using alcohol or bailer liquid, waterless printing eliminates water pollution and discharge of harmful substances such as volatile organic compound; the special developing replaces the traditional method of developing with strong alkali solvent with cleaner and more environment-friendly method of developing with circulating water. Thus, waterless printing not only protects environment, but also directly protects humankind.

R & D direction of waterless printing: Currently, Artron’s waterless printing technology has been mature and been used more extensively. At the same time, based on the characteristics of waterless printing such as stable quality and easy control, Artron will integrate waterless printing with FM screening and high-screen printing.

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