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Chroma Centric--Technological Revolution in Printing Color Management


Chroma Centric, an epoch-making technology successfully developed by Artron through two years of efforts on the basis of its over ten years of printing experience and modern science and technology, is based on true colors of nature and enormously increases the scope of color gamut representation to present the richest brightest and the most vivid colors, setting off a technological revolution in printing color management in the industry.



1. Image Data Acquisition by Lab Standard--True Color, Most Complete Image Information

Chroma Centric restores colors on the basis of full acquisition of original information.

Traditional CMYK scan mode may generally cause losses of image data due to color gamut compression during image data acquisition. However, Chroma Centric acquires image data using LAB mode to accurately restore original information.

Lab mode is a color mode involving all visible colors, which makes up the deficiencies of RGB and CMYK color modes. Adopting Lab mode for image data acquisition can retain color information to the max.


2. Enhanced Ink Formula--25% Larger than Color Gamut of Common Printing

     Chroma Centric expands the reproduction color gamut of ink by 25% by enhancing the ink formula to meet the requirements for high-density printing.


3. High-precision Printing--Eight Times More Precise than Common Printing

      Traditional four-color printing generally uses halftone screening technology.

     Chroma Centric, which uses FM continuous tone screening technology, is eight times more precise than common printing, thus enormously improving the representation of the smooth part of images as well as the reflection of quality, 3D effect and sense of reality.


4. Intelligent Data Control Process--30% Denser than Common Printing, Accurate to 1% in Dot Control

     Chroma Centric makes the most of datamized work process to accomplish lossless transfer of image data through dot adjustment accurate to 1% on the basis of an increase of 20% to 30% in printing density, thus ensuring the full restoration of image tone of prints.


5. Full-Process Printing Color Management--Accurate Color Restoration

     Chroma Centric conducts color rendering of color images and monochrome images.For color images, Chroma Centric integrates the world first-class professional color-separating software with Artron’s unique color optimization technology to ensure the accuracy of color rendering.

For monochrome images, Chroma Centric accomplishes the accurate distribution of four-color ink through ink optimization to ensure the stability of printing color restoration while reducing the difficulty in printing control.




Chroma Centric’s Requirements for Originals

         The following requirements for originals shall be met for a full play to the characteristics of Chroma Centric.

       Positive films shall be scanned in LAB mode, compensated in LAB color space and converted into the specific four-color icc profile of Chroma Centric.

       Digital photo films (electronic originals) shall be provided in RGB mode, compensated in RGB color space according to photo effects and converted into the specific four-color icc profile of Chroma Centric.

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